Ubeify Media Player

For Raspberry Pi, Linux and Windows


A desktop media player designed to bring together your local music, movies, video and online streams.

Ubeify uses Youtube & Musicbrainz to provide an integrated local and online streaming music experience. Think Spotify, but with music videos.

The software is FREE, fast, lightweight and uses OMXplayer on Raspberry Pi, or VLC on Linux & Windows for media playback.






Ubeify is portable. Install it on your hard drive or a USB drive and plug into any computer running:

Dual OS version. Works with all above operating systems (51MB)

Dual OS Download

Linux / Raspberry Pi only version. Will not run on Windows (795KB)

Linux Download

Linux / Raspberry Pi Install Guide

Open a terminal, navigate to your home directory or USB drive, and enter the following commands.

If you plan on using Ubeify on Windows too, via an external USB drive, replace udl?v=linux with udl?v=latest

Windows Install Guide

Download, open and extract ubeify.zip to your hard drive or usb drive.

Double click ubeify.exe to run Ubeify. No further installs are required.

Optional: To install/uninstall desktop and menu shortcuts pointing to Ubeify, double click 'Create Shortcuts.exe'

If SmartScreen blocks running Ubeify, click "More Info" and select "Run Anyway".

Mouse Controls

With your mouse pointer hovering over the black video placeholder:

Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts will only work when in playlist mode or switching to fullscreen video from playlist mode.

They will not work when in windowed mode or switching to fullscreen from windowed mode.


Questions, problems or suggestions? A support thread has been opened at raspberrypi.org forums here.

For contact details, please see the _README.txt file contained within your Ubeify installation.

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